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My dear Students,
I welcome you all to Government Ram Bhajan Rai New Education Society Post Graduate College, Jashpur Nagar which has made its distinguished identity for the last fifty years. You might have come across many deliberations with your senior family members about the importance of education in life, well that was a thing of the innocent childhood, now I guess you might be taking decisions on your own, aren’t you? In the wake of the same I congratulate you once again on deciding to take admission to this college. I also congratulate those who are joining us as the students of the senior classes. At the very outset may I tell you that the contemporary views regarding education and its importance are those left over by the past rulers i.e. the Britishers whose prime aim was to rule the nation rather than development as such. That was why they never laid emphasis on inculcating quality consciousness among Indians; we failed to understand their ulterior motive and kept on madly rushing after degrees on the one hand, there on the other hand our personalities got ram shackled; the all rich ancient legacy collapsed miserably. We became part of a conspiracy which was in actual fact right against us! My humble submission is whatever we do; we should do without compromising on quality. Last but not the least; let us try to understand finally what the aim of education is. Some say that it is the transfer of knowledge and skill to the next generation while others maintain employment and economic independence is the aim of education, but dear Students! These are only the characteristics of education and they do not stand for education in totality. The fact remains the real aim of education is to inculcate among the learners the qualities that abound in human values such as compassion, love, reverence and tolerance. What would be the difference between man and animals if he thinks only of himself? Come on, let us march towards the goal through the activities of the college and be always reminded of what once Swami Vivekananda said quoting from the Upanishadas “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved”.

With Best Wishes
(Dr. V.K.Rakshit)


The college is situated in the northern area of the city surrounded by beautiful hills and breathtaking greenery. Situated in the thickly tribal populated area the college has its own spacious campus and building. It has well stocked Library and UGC funded Network Resource Centre.


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