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Department at a Glance

Department at a Glance

Our department was established in 1983 as integral part of the college. Initially subject was offered only at undergraduate level. Keeping in mind the enrollment of student and importance of subject, college offered the subject at P.G level in 2021 from them our department has been doing progress at U.G and P.G level continuously.


We are dedicated to the production, critical examination, diffusion and application of social knowledge in its many forms. As teachers, we introduce our students to theories about the social world, help them to think critically about those theories while training them in research techniques with which those theories can be applied and tested. The content of the studies in the Department of Sociology is structured in a way so as to ensure a general sociological knowledge, as well as more specialized knowledge in individual subjects of sociology and other related social sciences. This ensures that the Undergraduate Programme is pluralistic in nature and covers the main sub-branches of Sociology.

  • To build up confidence among the students.
  • To provide all the necessary facilities to the needy students.
  • To create social awareness among the students.
  • To guide students so as to create interest in research pertaining to social issues to the society.
  • Department frequently doing social research.


  • To provide quality teaching, learning, research and consultancy in humanities and social sciences by creating, preserving, transmitting and utilizing knowledge.
  • The mission of the Department of Sociology is to promote scientific understandings of social life through teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • By providing rigorous training in disciplinary methods and theories, coupled with a diversity of substantive concentrations and educational experiences, we develop robust sociological imaginations and critical thinking in our students.
  • By encouraging and supporting scholarly research and activities by our faculty, we further the development of sociological knowledge and its application to important social issues. Through a variety of service activities at the local, regional and national levels, we model for our students and others the importance of responsible community engagement.
  • The Sociology Department is a diverse, student centered learning community engaged in critical social inquiry dedicated to extending knowledge to enrich and enliven individual and public life.
  • Sociology is an empirically oriented social science that studies social phenomena in their historical and synchronous dimensions.
  • The aim of the Curriculum is to theoretically equip students in the fields of sociology, as well as to enable them to use the empirical methods of sociological research.
  • Studies in Sociology are geared towards the development of autonomous and methodologically reflective sociological thinking for the scientific analysis of social problems, while great emphasis is placed on developing students’ ability to reflect on the effects of their activity on social reality.
  • The studies also aim at theoretically and methodologically based education to acquire knowledge about social structure, social interaction and social institutions.
  • Department is committed to developed scientific, interpretative and critical capacities for understanding the social and cultural forces that shape the human experience.
  • We strive to foster a lifelong engagement with questions of social justice.
  • We bring theoretical and methodological rigor for understanding complex social and cultural realities both local and global.
  • We promote ways of imagining and re-imagining the common good and encourage the use of knowledge and skills to realized a more just society.


The college is situated in the northern area of the city surrounded by beautiful hills and breathtaking greenery. Situated in the thickly tribal populated area the college has its own spacious campus and building. It has well stocked Library and UGC funded Network Resource Centre.


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